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GENERAL (or refined) SEARCH
Read the SEARCH TIPS below to help achieve better search results, especially regarding sizes.
SEARCH BY ITEM CODE (overrides all)
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The simplest way to search is to type into the GENERAL SEARCH field.
-- Please note that using quotation marks or operators such as + or - are not currently accepted search refinements. --

Search results can be further narrowed by typing a size in the SIZE field.

Selecting a CATEGORY will confine your search to that category.
Selecting a TOOL TYPE will confine your search to that tool type in that category.

If you know the item code or its prefix, type it into the CODE field. This will override all other selections and search ONLY for Codes. Partial codes (prefixes) may be used for more results.

It is not necessary to type into the GENERAL SEARCH field if a CATEGORY or TOOL TYPE are selected but it still can help to refine results.

Selecting CATEGORY Metal Cutting
TOOL TYPE Jobber Length Drills
typing 1/2 in the SIZE field
and typing Solid Carbide in the GENERAL SEARCH field will achieve a very specific set of results.

It is possible to be too specific. If your search is generating 0 results or not generating the results you are searching for, try the following:

1) Trim down or alter your search terms. It could simply be that one of the words does not appear in the description.
    The search function requires that all of the words in the GENERAL SEARCH field appear in the description of the item.
2) Use the CATEGORY and TOOL TYPE refinements and keep your GENERAL SEARCH terms very general or even blank.
3) If using the CATEGORY and TOOL TYPE refinements do not find results, try switching the TOOL TYPE to All for more general results.
4) If you are unsure of the CATEGORY, select All as the CATEGORY and use the GENERAL SEARCH field. Use the SIZE field to refine your search.

NOTE: When beginning a search for a tool different from your last search, make sure you are clearing any search refinements you do not need anymore.
EX: Make sure your SIZE refinement is cleared or changed when beginning a new search. Especially make sure the CODE field is cleared if you are not using it, as it overrides all other options.

Sometimes tool descriptions do not use the same naming conventions you might use. We have included "also known as" in our descriptions wherever possible. If the name of the tool you search for does not appear at the beginning of the description, it may be appended to the end of the description.
EX: Searching for Hogging End Mills will produce results under the name Roughing End Mills. The description will have Also known as Hogging End Mills at the end of the description.

Listed below are the best formats to use for the size field.
Type in fractional sizes without the " symbol EX: Type 1/16 or 17/64, not 1/16" or 17/64". An exception is for whole inches. Typing 1 inch or 2 inch will work and is more specific than 1 or 2.
For number/wire gauge sizes, use the # symbol EX: Type #1 #2 #34 #60 etc.
For letter sizes, simply type the letter EX: Type A B C D etc.
Use this format for special decimal sizes .0000 EX: Type .1230 .2505 .3060 etc.
Use this format for specific metric sizes. 0.00mm EX: Type 5.30mm 10.25mm 25.00mm etc.
For fractional taps, diameter and thread size are separated by spaced hyphen EX: Type 1/4 - 20 or 1-1/2 - 12, not 1/4-20 or 1-1/2-12
You may type only the diameter if you want to show all thread sizes in the results.
For metric taps, diameter and pitch are separated by a spaced x using the same metric format EX: Type 15.00mm x 1.0, not 15x1.0
You may type only the diameter if you want to show all pitches in the results.
Generally when tools have diameters that are available multiple lengths, the lengths are in the description.
Type the diameter in the SIZE field.
Type the length in the GENERAL SEARCH field. Use the inch length format as shown below.

CATEGORY Threading
TOOL TYPE Pulley Taps
SIZE 1/4
GENERAL SEARCH 8 inch length

Other measurement types may be included in the description such as a countersink angle.

TOOL TYPE Countersinks
SIZE 3/16
GENERAL SEARCH 82 degree angle
Pluralizing helps narrow results EX: Type Round Adjustable Dies instead of Round Adjustable Die. The exception would be when looking for sets. EX: Typing Jobber Length Drill will reveal individual drills and drill sets, while Jobber Length Drill Sets will reveal only sets.
When specifying flutes though, using flute, (not flutes) and using a word for number of flutes will help refine your search.
one flute, two flute, three flute, four flute etc... EX: four flute ball nose double end mills