bellhanger's drill - side and front view
Bellhanger's Extension Drill Bits are designed for drilling holes through masonry, concrete block, etc... so wiring can be threaded through these holes for cable TV, telephone lines, alarm systems, computer networks, and other electrical installations. Drills have a hole in the flute, sometimes called a fish eye, for connecting wire to the drill and then used to pull or fish wire, cable, or pipe through the wall. These drills are also known as Bellhanger Drill Bits or Bell-Hanger's Bits, Installer Bits, Feeler Bits, Fishing Bits, Skylight Drills, Spotlight Drills, Installer's Feeler Bits or Wire Installing Drill Bits.
Bellhanger's Drills - Flexible Shaft - High Speed Steel
Flexible Shaft Bellhanger's drills are actually a combination fish tape and drill and make wire installation fast and easy. They also can be used to drill holes in places where shaft cannot reach in a straight line.
Bellhanger's Drills - Flexible Shaft - Carbide Tipped Bellhanger's Drills - Flexible Shaft - Auger Tipped Bellhanger's Drills - Flexible Shaft - Threaded Flute
Bellhanger's Drills - Straight Shaft - Carbide Tipped
Straight Shaft Carbide Tipped Bellhanger's Drills have standard carbide tip for rotary or percussion drilling in masonry, tiles, brick, etc. Wide spiral flute for fast dust removal. Hole in flute for pulling wires.
Bellhanger's Drills - Straight Shaft - High Speed Steel