drill analyzer agm-90 and agm-91
The growth of modern manufacturing techniques using sophisticated machinery, has today resulted in the demand for greater accuracy from the most widely used cutting tool - the twist drill. The many dimensions of twist drill geometry are extremely important, as the use of correct twist drill geometry can result in large savings in time, materials and money. The AGM-91 was developed for the precise examination, measurement, and control of twist drill geometry.


Double Axis DRO -ELEKTRALINE 2A (AGM-91)
Axis attachment
Note: The Triple Axis (X,Y,Z) DRO-ELEKTRALINE 3A (AGM-92) is also available.
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The Single Axis DRO -ELEKTRALINE 1A (AGM-90) is no longer available.


Twist drills ranging from 3mm to 75mm diameter can be inspected and measured on the Goniometer.

The Drill Analyzer can inspect and measure the following geometrical features of drills.

  1. Lip clearance angles
  2. Chisel angle
  3. Drill web concentricity
  4. Chisel edge concentricity
  5. Concentricity of pilot to body diameters on step and subland drills
  6. Relative lip height errors
  7. Drill point angles
  8. Step lengths on any multi-diameter drills
  9. Helix angle
geometrical features

Inspection and measurement of all aspects of drill geometry with remarkable speed is made possible by theDrill Analyzer's unique design.

Exceptional accuracy is achieved through the combination of angular measurement by optical goniometer and linear measurement by micrometer or dial indicator.

Difficulties and wasted time trying to measure drill geometry by rule of thumb methods are eliminated by the Drill Analyzer.

With the design of the Drill Analyzer, only a minimum of bench space is required.

For maximum clarity of readings, low volt lighting has been incorporated into the unit.

Time, materials and cost can be saved at the production stage, as this equipment takes care of the drill geometry inspection and measurement, besides eliminating costly scrap due to faulty tooling. The Drill Analyzer is the finest unit obtainable for this purpose.

Twist drills 3mm to 75mm (1/8" to 3")
2, 3 or 4 flutes
Straight or taper shank, straight or spiral flute, right or left hand spiral
Multi-diameter drills such as subland and step drills

Other Features:

  • Can be used as a preselectable counter and for dimensional measurement in both Metric and Imperial standard.
  • Can be used as Digital Readout for Metrological use (for measurement application in Labs.)
  • Can be interfaced with any make of Linear Scale and Rotary Encoders which are TTL compatible.
  • Micro-controller based design for digital readout.
  • Memory back-up is provided under power-down conditions for all vital machine parameters.
  • Backlash compensation with EMS rotary encoders.
  • System Constants
    • Circular or Linear measurements
    • Inch/mm mode
    • Resolution setting
    • Absolute and incrementa mode
    • Calibration factor (Ref Installation Procedure)

For Linear measurement, ELEKTRALINE DRO is versatile allowing various modes of operation.

The linear scale unit is coupled to the moving member of the machine. When the slider moves, pulse are generated which are processed digitally and represented as displacement with respect to reference point.

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For more detailed information and operating instructions, see our PDF files.
AGM-91 Manual - 900k

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