spot weld cutter - top and side view
Our Spot Weld Drills are designed specifically for drilling through spot welds on auto body panels.
Spot Weld Drills - Cobalt page 124A
Cobalt Spot Weld Drills are designed to cut auto body panel spot welds without damage to the second panel. Cobalt steel maintains its hardness at higher temperatures than high speed steel and is more abrasion resistant thus providing a tough, long wearing cutting edge. The double end design cuts twice as many spotwelds and can be used for difficult to reach spot welds.

Spot Weld Drills - Solid Carbide page 124A
AlTiN Coated Solid Carbide Spot Weld Drills are designed to cut spot welds on European auto body panels made of Boron Steels, Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS), and Ultra High Strength Steels (UHSS). The AlTiN Coating reduces chip welding, does not need lubrication, and can be operated at 30% faster feeds and speeds. The 2 flute design penetrates spot welds more quickly than the 3 flute. The 3 flute design removes more material per revolution and tracks straighter into the spot weld.

Spot Weld Cutters (with replaceable blades) are also available. page 125