wood bit
ICS has a variety of wood boring and drilling bits available.
Curved Hole Wiring Bits are designed for boring curved (right angle) holes around corners in one continuous cut. It eliminates the need to drill two holes. Ideal for routing wiring and cable for electrical installation.

DRILL SAW page 166B 360° view
Drill Saw Bits are designed to drill a starting hole through wood, drywall, aluminum, plastics, brass, sheet metal etc... all in one operation. Cross milled cutting edges cut any shape in any direction the tool is moved.

FORSTNER page 168
Forstner bits are designed for intricate woodworking. They are used to drill flat bottom or through holes. Can bore any arc of a circle. Also known as Forstner Flange Bits or Webfoot Augers.

HINGE BORING page 167A 360° view
Hinge Boring Bits are designed to bore clean entry holes in all types of wood for mounting European style hinges.

Lockhead Adjustable Wood Bits can be adjusted to desired diameter. Does the job of up to 35 different size drills.

Multi-Spur Pipe Bits are made of special tool steel. Beveled saw teeth allow smooth boring of holes.

Screw Point Pilot page 168B
Replacement Screw Point Pilot Drills for Multi-Spur Pipe Bits.

Railroad Tie Boring Bits are specifically designed for drilling holes in railway cross ties.

1 & 2 Flute page 123
Carbide Tipped page 123

Wood Spade Bits are designed for boring holes quickly through all types of hard and soft woods, including plywood. Hole in tip is used for pulling wires through wall. They perform best at high RPM speeds and are easy to re-sharpen. Fully polished and heat treated with six ground flats on 1/4" shank. They are also known as Paddle Bits.

6" Long page 166 360° view
16" Long page 166
Extra length eliminates the need for extensions when boring deep holes.
Wood Bit Extensions page 167
For boring jobs requiring longer reach. Extensions can be connected to one another for extra long reach. Hex wrench included.