drill blank
High Speed Steel Ground Drill Blanks are the same length as jobber length drills and hardened (RC 63-65) and parallel ground (no taper) to tolerances shown. All blanks have a bright finish. They are used for the sizing of holes, stock for router bits, and other small tools, and can be used for gauges, drifts, punches, rollers, locating pins, and spindles, knockout pins, etc.
Ground Drill Blanks - Fractional Sizes page 58
Ground Drill Blanks - Wire Gauge Sizes page 58
Ground Drill Blanks - Letter Sizes page 59

Ground Drill Blank Sets page 59
Manufacturing Notes
Blanks to tolerances other than listed may be made to special order. Blanks may be supplied with coned or square ends according to diameter or manufacturing method. If important, please check before ordering.