ICS Plastic and Laminate Drills come in two varieties.

Our 60° Point Plastic and Laminate Drill Bits are designed with a precision ground sharp 60° angle point for gradual penetration to eliminate edge chipping, chip wrapping, and cracking. Bits are dubbed on cutting edge with a 0° rake angle to self-center and eliminate grabbing. They are used for drilling hard and soft plastics.

60° point - Fractional page 119B
60° point - Metric page 119C
60° point - Wire Guage page 119B
60° point - Letter page 119C

60° point - Set - Metal Index page 119C

Our Special Point Plastic and Laminate Drills are designed with a self-centering flat point for drilling into acrylic plastic sheet and other similar materials. Ideal for Plexiglass. They will drill perfectly round, clean holes without grabbing or cracking the material being drilled.

Special Point - Straight Shank page 119
Special Point - 1/4" Shank page 119
Special Point - 3/8" Shank page 119

Special Point - Sets - Metal Index page 119