ICS Cutting Tools is always expanding its product base. Listed below are some of the products that have recently been added to the ICS line.
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Carbide Tipped Fiberglass Hollow Core Bits are designed for drilling through hollow core utility poles made from fiberglass and/or composite materials. They are manufactured with a ground short flute and no clearance to create a rigid solid round body to support the drill on center through initial entry hole and opposite side wall without damaging the entry hole.

Hand Brace Utility Pole Auger Bits are designed for boring holes in creosoted poles, construction timber, and railroad ties without clogging, binding, or a need to stop to clear chips. Use in a hand brace or cut off the taper square shank for use in an electric drill. Single flute design with single cutter, side lip, and self feeding medium fast pitch screw point. Bits can be resharpened with an auger file.

High Speed Steel Long Pilot Adjustable Hand Reamers are designed for in line reaming when two holes are spaced far apart. The solid ground pilot uses a “floating” tapered guide sleeve which is seated in one hole to guide the reamer as it reams the other hole. The tapered guide sleeve can be used at either end of the other hole. They are also known Long Pilot Adjustable Blade Reamers, Adjustable In Line Reamers or Adjustable King Pin Reamers. Ends are center drilled so blades can be sharpened in place.

Acorn Cone Dies are designed with a straight hook angle for production threading work on steel parts using screw machine or other threading equipment. They are designed to project from the die holder with a short die chamfer for close to the shoulder threading. They are also known as Spring Dies, Taper Nose Dies, Acorn Dies, and Cap Adjusting Dies. (Advise if threading stainless or non-ferrous metals when ordering as they require a different hook angle.)

Threaded Shank Adapter Drills are used for drilling materials in confined areas. They are manufactured with true concentricity for more accurate holes. They are often referred to as Snake Drills.

Three Flute Quick Change Countersinks fit into a 1/4" hex power driver or any 3-jaw style power drill chuck. Used to countersink soft materials, plastic, wood, etc... Available with 82 degree point angle.

Two Flute Carbide Tipped Auger Bits are designed with a heavy duty milled flute design and a replaceable screw point to allow it to drill faster than conventional auger bits. Flutes are surface treated for corrosion resistance and fully heat treated to accept high torque load and guard against bit bending when using impact drills. They will drill precise holes in the hardest wood, creosoted poles, chipboard, and plywood.

Tower bolt reamers are designed for lining up bolt holes on cell phone towers, wind mills, and transmission towers. They have three flats on the shank for use in 1/2" three jaw power tools and pneumatic equipment. The extra short length makes them more useful in close quarters.

High Speed Steel Brad Point Countersink Drills are designed for use with all types of adjustable counterbores and countersinks or when a deeper pilot hole is required. Center spur point holds drill oncenter and prevents walking when two cutting spurs make contact.

High Speed Steel Bi-Directional Mortise Bits are designed with two flutes for right and left hand cutting. They are used in oscillating mortising machines to produce clean slots by oscillating cutting strokes. They are also known as Reciprocating Slotters or Oscillating Mortise Bits. They are also known as Reciprocating Slotters, Oscillating Mortise Bits, Mortising Router Bits or Multi-Directional Mortise Cutters.

Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters are designed for cutting steel plate, stainless steel, galvanized iron, fiberglass, aluminum, and copper up to 3/16" thick. Built-in safety stopper prevents over penetration. Ejector spring ejects slug to save production time. The center drill is a Titanium Nitride coated 135° split point drill. Used by electricians, plumbers, auto and truck repairmen, and general contractors. Outlasts hole saws 5 to 1.

Taper Point Drills are designed to drill tapered holes in wood and plastic to match a wood screw’s thread and shank in one operation. They fit most counterbores and countersinks. Shank diameter is the same as the drill size.

Carbide Tipped Adjustable Countersinks (for wood screws) are designed to cut a bevel in wood or plastic for wood screw heads ranging from #4 to #10. They attach to a drill with two set screws and can be adjusted up and down the drill for any length from a #4 to a #10 wood screw. For use with 3/32" to 3/16" diameter drills.

NMTB End Mill Holders are designed to fit milling machines using the National Machine Tool Builders (NMTB) spindle taper of 3-1/2" per foot, with manual or power draw bar. All holders are hardened and precision ground to ensure accurate size and concentricity. They will hold single or double end mills, except where noted. Set screws are furnished and are located according to Weldon Shank specifications.

T-Handle Tap Wrenches with a ratchet and slip handle are designed with a selector switch for left, right, or rigid operation.

Solid Carbide Drill Mills are designed to be a 5 in 1 multi-purpose tool for drilling, chamfering, spotting, side milling, and countersinking.

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