ICS Cutting Tools offers a variety of metric size drills for many different tooling applications.
Extra Length Drills
6mm to 50mm - 12" length to 25" length page 102
Jobber Length Drills
0.3mm to 5.4mm page 26
5.5mm to 16.5mm page 27
16.75mm to 20mm page 28
3/8" Reduced Shank

10mm to 20mm page 28
1/2" Reduced Shank

13mm to 20mm page 28
Gold Finish - Metric

1mm to 13mm page 41
Gold Finish - 3/8" Reduced Shank

10mm to 13mm page 41
Carbide Tipped

3mm to 13mm page 53

1mm to 8.4mm page 44
8.5mm to 13mm page 45
Cobalt - 3/8" Reduced Shank

1mm to 8.4mm page 45
Solid Carbide

0.7mm to 12mm page 55
Long Boy Drills
1.4mm to 14mm page 104
Perfect Point Drills
3mm to 13mm page 170
Screw Machine Drills
1mm to 13mm page 16
Silver and Deming Drills
13mm to 38mm page 70

1/2" Shank

13mm to 25.5mm page 71
Taper Length Drills
1mm to 14.25mm page 80
14.5mm to 38.00mm page 81

Carbide Tipped

5mm to 19mm page 85
Taper Shank Drills
2mm to 21mm page 99A
21.5mm to 100mm page 99B